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邮政商店退货 & 交流

美国.S. 邮政十大网堵平台® offers refunds 和 exchanges for stamp-related merch和ise 和 stamped stationery when the products you receive are damaged or otherwise unusable due to mish和ling or other circumstances outside of your control. Some items may not be returned or exchanged, 和 others may only be exchanged. Learn more about eligible returns 和 exchanges for Postal Store products below.

If you have questions about refunds for 美国邮政总局 mail services, see 国内退款国际退款.




  • Personalized Stamped Stationery may be eligible for a refund or replacement.
  • Refunds for other products may not be available.

Personalized Stamped Stationery

If the 邮政十大网堵平台 made a mistake on your order, you can return the stationery to 邮票专递十大网堵平台 (SFS) 和 request either a replacement or refund.

  • 替换: Submit your claim within 90 days of receiving your order. Return the stationery 和 include in the package a request for replacement, 对错误的解释, 和 a description of the corrections you want made. If you order a replacement, you must pay the manufacturing fee for that order.
  • 退款: Return the stationery 和 include a request for refund 和 an explanation of the reason for rejection.

If you made a mistake on your order, you will only receive a refund for the postage.

Learn More about Personalized Stamped Stationery 返回 (DMM 604)




You can exchange the following products:

  • 永远优先邮件® 预付固定费率® 包装
  • 邮票
  • 商品 & 许可产品

Learn More about 交流 (DMM 604)


The following items (regardless of when purchased) are not exchangeable.

  • Adhesive stamps (unless mistakes were made in buying, 邮票有瑕疵, or the stamps were affixed to commercial envelopes 和 postcards)
  • 邮票 cut from stamped cards, stamped envelopes, or aerogrammes (airletter sheets)
  • Parts or pieces of stamped cards
  • Stamped cards, stamped envelopes, 和 aerogrammes received for reply
  • 残缺或污损的邮票

Learn More about 恕不退换商品 (DMM 604)

Exchanging Damaged 商品

To exchange damaged merch和ise:

  • Submit your claim within 30 days of receiving your order.
  • If the item contains a manufacturer’s warranty (e.g., scales), follow the manufacturer’s instructions to have the item replaced or repaired.



Exchanging Stamp-Related 商品

Stamp-related merch和ise (such as a First Day Cover or Commemorative Panel) that is damaged or flawed can be exchanged for new merch和ise.

  • Complete the 商品 Exchange Form enclosed with your order within 30 days of receipt.
  • Include a copy of your order form or receipt.

If you did not receive the return form with your order:

  • 邮件 the damaged or flawed items to the address below.
  • Include a note requesting the exchange.




Postage stamps can be exchanged if they arrive damaged or flawed.

  • Complete the 商品 Exchange Form located on the bottom of your packing slip within 30 days of receiving your stamp order.
  • 发送 it to the address below with the stamps you wish to exchange.
  • Include a copy of your order form or receipt.

If you received the wrong denomination, 种类, or size of stamps or the wrong envelope, you can exchange them at full postage value. 邮票 can be exchanged if they are:

  • 完整的整版邮票
  • Coils of stamps in the original sealed wrappers
  • Full boxes of stamped envelopes
  • Original sealed packs of stamped cards


8300 ne地下博士.,柱210


There are no refunds for 永远优先邮件 预付固定费率 包装. However, you can exchange your packaging if:

  • 货到时损坏了
  • You purchased it with a credit card

十大网堵平台人: Forever 预付固定费率 包装 帮助 Desk at 1-800-332-0317. Press option 4 和 then option 5.



If you ordered 15 or more days ago 和 the items have not arrived, you can submit a claim for missing merch和ise. Before your claim is processed, you may be asked to submit a copy of your account statement showing the charges from the U.S. 邮政十大网堵平台.


1-816-545-1000 (international)