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美国邮政总局连接 电子商务

Platforms/Marketplaces looking to offer 美国邮政总局® products and services can expect the following benefits through 美国邮政总局连接® 电子商务:

  • Accelerated agreement process
  • Discounted rates
  • No minimum volume


Key Benefits of 美国邮政总局连接 电子商务

Discounted Rates for Your Platform/Marketplace

Talk to a 美国邮政总局 representative to learn more about special pricing.

Discounted Rates for Your Merchants/Sellers

Offer special pricing for merchants on your platform.

No Minimum Volume Commitment

Get pricing benefits without minimum volume requirements.

Merchant on a laptop preparing to ship a package.

开始 with 美国邮政总局连接 电子商务

1 应用:

Click "开始" and submit your application

2 Agree to terms:

Get approved, review the terms, and sign an agreement

3 Access benefits:

Unlock all 美国邮政总局连接 电子商务 benefits

美国邮政总局连接 电子商务 Benefits

For Platforms/Marketplaces

  • Discounted pricing for your platform
  • Discounted rates to offer your merchants
  • Dedicated account management and customer service
  • Access through 美国邮政总局 APIs, manifest systems, or providers such as Shippo, Pitney Bowes, EasyPost, 或邮票.com
  • Your company name, logo, and URL may be featured on 美国邮政总局.com in the future


For Merchants/Sellers

If you’re a merchant looking for an ecommerce platform with discounted pricing on 美国邮政总局 shipping, learn more about participating platforms.

Merchant on a tablet in a flower shop.